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Name:Maris Aubergine - CoE -
Birthdate:Mar 1
Maris Aubergine
- Cult of Ecstasy Mage -
World of Darkness

To begin with, Maris isn't her real name. Much like many of the denizens of the World of Darkness, Maris hides her true self beneath a glamour of smoke and mirrors. She's an Ecstatic mage, having awakened at the age of fourteen, her mother an Ecstatic as well. Part of a roving caravan of musicians and hippies, she was brought into the lifestyle with joy and abandon.

At least until the Technocracy caught up with them. The mages were scattered and Maris set out on her own. She only uses her magic when needed, having been cut off from her coven. She's been attempting to catch up with the Fellowship of Pan, but she's on the run.

Why, she doesn't quite know.

Someone, somewhere along the way found out something they shouldn't have.

[not megan mccauley, not real. mun and muse 18+]
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